Our Cabin Management System Evolve has been developed with a few core requirements not met by the systems currently on the market, including a wireless communication backbone and digital touchscreens.


All Touch Screen:

Long gone are the days of membrane key pads that crack and fade over time. The Evolve series of Touch Switch­es and Touch Panels come in various sizes and shapes to allow the best possible fit in the removed switch panel location.

Wireless Control:

Our patented wireless technology allows for flexibility and ease of installation. The proven wireless communication network is robust and not prone to a single point of failure.


Every component has been designed to be similar to the next with the same capabilities. All peripheral devices can be connected to any of the Touch Switch Panels, Touch Panels, and remote mount switches to allow for control of devices where it makes sense and is most convenient.

Ease of Installation

The Evolve Cabin Management System requires only power and ground, along with access to the device that needs to be controlled such as lighting, shades, environmental and countless other systems.

Additive Manufacturing (3D printing):

Our products are almost exclusively produced utilizing aerospace grade additive manufacturing, allowing for a great degree of customization with the installation hardware and close-out bezels. We have all but eliminated the need to modify the interior cabinetry, which saves both time and money.


The monitors allow for both proud and flush mount Installation. Our monitors utilize the same architecture as the Touch Panel Switches, which allows for easy control of the cabin, right from the monitor's own touch screen interface. The various video inputs allow for both legacy and modern technology standards to be interfaced to the monitor so retrofit and forward flt can be accomplished with the same monitor.

Audio / Video Distribution:

Our Audio/Video cross point switch can take in a multitude of input source formats including composite, SDI, and HDMI. Those inputs can then be distributed out in any combination of output formats to fit the need of the aircraft installation.

Our Products